Director’s Message

Zen Academy

2011 was another fulfilling year for Zen Academy. We improved greatly on our Taekwondo aspect and achieved great results. Embarking on our 8th year journey, Zen Academy will work harder to not only increase our member strength but also focus more on the development of both our students and instructors. Knowing the importance of giving back to the community, Zen Academy will show our full support by taking part in more community and charity events in this upcoming year.

In year 2011 we took part in several major tournaments and achieved overall 2nd  placing in the ‘POLITE Taekwondo Championship’ whose participants consists of Polytechnics and ITEs students and overall 6th in the National Taekwondo Kyorugi Championship which has 42 affiliates taking part. The challenge for us at that time was to compete with the other big clubs which had more reputations and students to pick from.

Other then participating in Taekwondo competitions, we are very supportive of community and charity events. Some of the notable events we had taken part in would be the ‘Singapore Association of the Deaf Flagday’ which involves collecting donations from the public for the association involved and ‘Project Paint’ which involves painting the homes of the elderly and needy and providing ration for them, for this big event involving more than 800 volunteers, we had the honor of inviting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as our Guest of Honor. As the Director of Zen Academy, I strongly believe that we should give back to the society for all that it has provided us and also for good will.

To maintain pace with the challenges provided by the strong clubs in Singapore, we will work towards providing a more professional service in various forms of fitness training, rehabilitation training, Pure Krav Maga training which is the most realistic form of martial art, Taekwondo training, K-TIGER Demonstration training (K-tiger is recognized as 1 of the world best demonstration team) and last but not least nurturing our people to possess important life values and to continuously contribute back to the society.

With this message, we recognize our people’s hard work and achievements celebrate our accomplishments for year 2011 and set the pace for 2012 year ahead.