Our Mission | Vision | Core Values


To provide, inculcate the mastery and philosophy of martial art through effective skills, conditioning, fitness and inculcating the correct value.

    To become the leading martial art and fitness school in providing a wider dimensional training platforms.

Our Vision

Fitness – To always be Fit before, during and even after your martial art journey.

Discipline – With Discipline, you can achieve more than what you can do.

Self- defense – The ability to protect yourself and your love ones.

Value – ‘Never Give Up! Never Give In!’ Have a positive attitude toward everything in your life.
Contribute your charitable service toward the society for goodwill and character nurturing.

Our people – We will develop them to their fullest potential and inculcate into them the correct life Values.

    To provide a one-stop training school for martial arts and fitness through effective skills and fitness conditioning.

    To inculcate and build good character through the masteries and philosophies of martial arts.

Our Core Values

Moral Courage
Team Spirit
Mutual Respect
Positive Attitude
Intrinsic Motivation