Personal Particulars
Age: 48
Date of Birth: 10 May 1965
Race: Chinese
Place of Birth: Singapore
Sex: Male
Position: Marketing Director of  ZEN Taekwondo
Registered Coach of NROC & PA

Credentials at a Glance

Wellness and Body, Sports Nutrition (Open University Malaysia) PHD Feb 2009
CA Nutrition Course                29/04/2006
You Yi Int’l Nature Care Ctr (JPN Shiatsu Therapy) 29/09/2004

Taekwondo Instructor Certificate
SINCE 27/09/1985

Taekwondo Referee Certificate
SINCE 24/10/1986


Singapore Taekwondo Federation 6th Dan
10/10/2004        STF/06/0017

SSC/STF Coaching Theory Level 2

STF Technical Committee SINCE 1993

STF Examiner SINCE 1993

STF Coaching Committee SINCE 1996

SSC/STF Coaching Technical Level 2
09/09/1999        2001

Certificate In Coaching – NCAP (Level 2)

1st Class National Poomsae Referee

Long Services Award – MCYS (15 Yrs)

STF Management Committee
June 2011

STF Chairman of Operations and Facilities
Aug 2011


Kukkiwon 4th Dan                 20/03/2000        05036746
International Referee Class 2                        13/06/1996        034/175

Appreciation Recognition by the Chairman IOC for 29th Olympic Game in Beijing 2008
Certificate of Excellence by WTF for 29th Olympic Games 2008

34 IR Referee Seminar – Melbourne, Australia
10-13/June/1996    34-126

20 IR Referee Refresher Course – Seoul, Korea
9-10/Mar/1998    20-042

39 IR Referee Refresher Course – Amman, Jordan

45 IR Referee Refresher Course – Beijing, China

6th International Poomsae Referee Seminar
24-27/June/2006, Seoul, Korea

2nd International Poomsae Referee Seminar for Coach

IR Training Camp Beijing 2008

Olympic Referee Refresher Course for Beijing 2008
14-18July/2008, Beijing, China

2nd TKD Hamadam (participated in poomsae)
28/08/1995, Korea

2nd Taichung Chienmin Cup Invitation 1996
14-16/Dec/1996, TaiChung, Taiwan

2nd Commonwealth TKD Championships
24-25/Oct/1998 Perth, Australia

2000 Korea Open Chunchon International Championship
24/June – 01/July/2000, Chunchon, Korea

15th Asian TKD Championships
22-28/April/2002 Amman, Jordan

16th World TKD & 9th Women’s TKD Championships
24-28/Sept/2003, Germany

SEA Game in Philippines
27 Nov – 5 Dec 2005

13rd ASEAN University Games in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2006

WTF World Qualification for Beijing 2008
28-30/Sept/2007, Manchester, UK

WTF African Olympic Qualification for Beijing 2008
1-3/Nov/2007, Tripoli, Africa

WTF Pan Am Olympic Qualification for Beijing 2008
8-9/Dec /2007,  Cali, Colombia

WTF European Olympic for Beijing 2008
26-27/Jan/2008, Istanbul, Turkey

Good Luck Beijing (Test Event)
26-29/Feb/2008, Beijing, China

Beijing Olympic Game 2008
20-23/Aug/2008, Beijing, China

14th ASEAN University Games 2008
15 – 21 Dec 2008 (Nilai, Malaysia)

63rd International Referee Seminar
8-10 April 2009, Suzhou, China.

ASEAN Games at Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City