Year 2013


Zen Academy netted 17 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze Medals to achieve the Overall Champion for the 40th Taekwondo National Championships. Along with the Overall Champion title, Zen also achieved the following trophies,

Young Junior (2) Male Division Champion
Senior (1) Female Division Champion
Senior (1) Male Division Champion

Message from Brian Sir :

“I have many people to thank for the success of Zen.  They are: STF President Mr Milan Kwee and all the senior instructors for your guidance; Mr Tan Cheng Hui, my instructor, for giving me the fire for the sport; Mr Darren Lee for his unselfish technical advice since the formation of Zen; Mr John Ho for his strong encouragement for me to take my chance; my friends, especially Polo Teo and Baoling, for helping me in giving the players an excellent foundation to develop their skills which bear fruits in the competition; and last but not least, my team comprising Ms Irene, Ms Evonne, Mr Matthew Yap, Ms Jip, Mr Ronn, Ms Xanthe, Mr Willam, Mr Rayner, Ms Girlene Tan, Ms Winnie, Ms Kimberly, Mr Nicholas, Mr Tan and Mr Cheng and all parents for the hard work.  I am sorry if I miss anyone.  But I would like to conclude Zen cannot do it without its well-wishers.”

For more details on Zen Academy achievement, please visit the Singapore Taekwondo Federation website here: http://www.stf.sg/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1245


Brian Sir Collecting Trophy


Nat 2013 Brian Sir w Trophy

Nat 2013 Overall Pic

Year 2010-2012


Club Achievement

Inter-tertiary Taekwondo Championships 2012

Overall 2nd Placing

TP POL-ITE Championships 2011

Overall 2nd Placing

TP Inter-Tertiary Taekwondo
Championships 2012

Overall 2nd Placing

NTU Taekwondo Open
Championships 2012

Overall Sparring Champion

1st placing

National Taekwondo Kyorugi Championships 2011

Best Fighting Spirit : Justin

NTU Taekwondo Open
Championships 2012

Best Male Fighter : Jordan

NTU Taekwondo Open
Championships 2012

Best Female Fighter : Claris


27 Gold, 11 Silver & 11 Bronze out of 78 Players.
62% achieved medals & 35% got Gold Medals.
We were also awarded 5 special awards.

1. Overall Female junior
2. Overall Female Senior
3. Overall Male Senior 2
4. Most Improved Club
5. Overall 2nd position!!!