Grading are held once every 3 months and members are tested on their Poomsae in every grading, do your best to learn your respective belt pattern even before they are taught during training. This page will provide picture, video or word form for every belt pattern. If there are any inquires about how the pattern should be done or how individual moves are to be executed, do clarify them with the seniors.

Basic Stances in Poomsae 

Yellow Pattern: II Jang
Green-Tip Pattern: E Jang


Green Pattern: Sam Jang


Blue-Tip Pattern: Sa Jang
Blue Pattern: O Jang
Red-Tip Pattern: Yuk Jang
Red Pattern: Chil Jang 
Black-Tip Pattern: Pal Jang 
1st Dan Black Pattern: Koryo
2nd Dan Black Pattern: Keumgang


3rd Dan Black Pattern: Taebaek
4th Dan Black Pattern: Pyongwon
5th Dan Black Pattern: Sipjin


6th Dan Black Pattern: Jitae
7th Dan Black Pattern: Chonkwon
8th Dan Black Pattern: Hansu
9th Dan Black Pattern: Illyeo